Volunteer at Trevarefest 2023

We are so happy that you want to volunteer during this year's festival! Once you have been registered, you will be sent an automatic confirmation mail. We will read through your application and get back to you with your given assignments and then plan your schedule. 

You find all the information you need about volunteering at Trevarefest here. Read through the conditions and about the different categories/assignments before you register. Remember to priorities three different categories below. We will try to give you one of your wishes, but can't guarantee it. 

If you want to work with your friend, sister or mum - please let us know in this form and we'll try to put you up together. 

Please note that this registration is binding, so make sure you can make it to Henningsvær for the festival from 31.july to 2. august. 
If you still have questions - please send volunteer responsible Frøydis an email: frivillig@trevarefest.no 

- You will receive a confimational mail after your registration
-  After aprox two weeks you will hear more from us about what kind of work you can do etc. 
PS: First come, first served. Unfortunately we have limited amount for volunteer spots - if we fill them all up we'll create a waiting list. 

We look forward to seeing you at Trevarefest 2023! 

All the best
The volunteer office - Trevarefest

PS: you don't need to answer in English - you can answer Norwegian or Danish or Swedish also if you want :)

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