We are so happy that you are interested in signing up as a volunteer! Borealis 2021 17.–21. of March is happening! Borealis is the festival where we celebrate the music that falls between the gaps. We wish everyone welcome, from the first-time listener to the seasoned professor.

We are planning for a different festival in 2021. As we were the last festival to be held in Norway before the lockdown in 2020, we have had a whole year to plan for a festival that can happen even under strict infection control measures, with a digital and physical, indoor and outdoor presence. The volunteers are such an important part of what makes Borealis the festival it is, so we are happy that we are able to invite you along this year too. As a festival we are responsible that its safe for you to come to work, and we will make sure you get the right training, updated information and enough space for you who is at work.

In the form we'll ask you to prioritize which role you want to have as a volunteer. You can read more about roles, obligations and perks here. When we're getting closer to the festival, we will send you a form where you can tell us when you're available for taking shifts. We ask our volunteers to work a minimum of 18 hours, in the period 15.–22. of March. There will be shifts available in daytime and evenings, weekdays and weekend. Any question can be sent to frivillig@borealisfestival.no

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