Registration for NorTED seminar

NorTED - Nordic Graduate School Network for Teacher Education Relevant Research

The Kick off for the network will be held in Trondheim 11th - 14th of November 2019. The venue is placed by the sea side at the Clarion Hotel and Congress. The registration form lists up several institutions, pick only one institution - the one you represent. 

During the week you will have two planned dinners together, one is very casual and booked at Røft just by the Central station. Here you pay as you order. The second dinner is planned as a cultural event at the 13th of November, with a guided tour at the Popular Pop music museum, just by the venue. At the top of the museum you will enjoy a three course dinner. You do the registration for the cultural event and dinner as you register for the seminar. You pay for this cultural event and dinner through the registration form. 

We have reserved hotel rooms for you, but you have to book them in your own name and pay for them yourself. The booking codes are valid until 20th of October. 

Booking code for the venue hotel: GR015511

Booking code for a budget hotel 500 meters from the venue: GR010108

Welcome to Trondheim!

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