Registration WRAB 2023

Welcome to WRAB 2023, hosted by NTNU in Trondheim, Norway

The theme for the conference is From early literacy learning to writing in professional life. We believe that it mirrors the research interest of WRAB, and we know that it captures the broadness of writing research at NTNU as well as in the Nordic countries.

The Program starts 18th of February by lunch time and ends 22nd of February by lunch time.
Included in the conference fee are lunch and snacks for all five days, as well as two receptions with different concepts. In addition to this there will be a pre-conference at campus Kalvskinnet, NTNU on the 17th of February. This will be a low cost event, and the participants are welcome to buy lunch in the university cafeteria.

At the conference web site - What to do in Trondheim, you will see several different suggestions where you can have dinner during the conference. Book online and the restaurant will have a table ready for you when you arrive. 

As you can see in the tentative program at the conference web site - Program; we will give you the possibility to be outdoors, see the light, experience the winter, experience the cathedral, as well as be active. A conference can be much sitting still. Every morning there will be a social activity, and after lunch you get the possibility to see day light. Take advantage of these opportunities. Please select the social activities that you will take part in, some of them have a small additional cost, and some have access restrictions. Read more about the different social activities at the conference website - Practical Information.

You have to book hotel yourself. You will receive a booking code, that gives you a fixed price and a link to the conference hotel, or other hotel nearby, in the e-mail that confirms your registration. Continental breakfast all days are included in the hotel price. On the conference website - How to get to Trondheim and Hotel information, you will see information about the hotel booking, and optional budget accommodation. All other cost (travel, hotel, other meals than mentioned) must be covered by the participants. 

If you want to travel around in the area before or after the conference you can have a look at the conference web site - What to do in Trondheim and area for help with this.

When you press submit you will be forwarded to a safe site for payment. You pay with Visa or MasterCard. Norwegians can choose to pay with Vipps. 

Welcome to the conference and welcome to Trondheim in February 2023. We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

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Early morning social activities Sunday 19 February

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