X Games Oslo Volunteer Application

Welcome to the application form for volunteers at X Games Oslo 2016. Please be sure to check that all the information you provide here is correct. This is where we collect the information we need to contact you, and to send you information. We'll contact all volunteers shortly to agree on your work schedule. (Scroll for form) __________ Velkommen til søknadskjema for frivillige på X Games Oslo 2016. Sjekk at all informasjon du fyller inn i skjemaet er riktig. Dette er informasjonen vi bruker for å kontakte deg og sende deg informasjon. Vi kommer til å kontakte alle frivillige innen kort tid for å bli enige om når du skal jobbe med oss. (Bla ned for skjema) For more information see Official homepage How may I contribute? Crew catering Someone’s gotta make sure that staff and volunteers get properly fed through the event! Working here means your job is to serve the food, keep the crew tent tidy, make sure there’s always coffee available - and generally be everybody’s favourite people. Who doesn’t love those who feed them? Oslo Vinterfestival Family winter festival in Oslo winterpark. Fun and games for the entire family, volunteers here help with food, facial painting, rigging, accreditation - a bit of everything! Renovation Help keep the arena clean! We’re a green event with a strong focus on the environment - so help the audience sort their trash, and we can recycle as much as possible. Rigg Fun and physical work - anything from carrying fences to digging snow or branding the arena. If you’re the kind of person who likes to see progress while you work, this is a good place. Runner Got a drivers licence and know the city pretty well? We need safe drivers to help transport people and bring and collect whatever needs bringing! Security Be the smiling people in yellow vests who guard the gates and answer questions. A joyful job spent out in the arena, securing a fun and safe experience for athletes and audience alike. Spread-the-love-crew Sounds like fun, don’t it? Coffee, candy and hugs for the crew at work, and put on a show for the audience waiting in line! You apply here if your fun, creative and supersocial! Ticket sales Just what it says. The audience need tickets to enter the X Games, they may buy them from the volunteers and staff at the ticket booth. A good place to work if you’re service minded and well organized.

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