(Waiting list Only) Student Tickets for Technoport 2015

All the 50 student tickets have been given out. If you wish to participate at Technoport 2015 as a student the option is to buy a researher ticket or register here for waiting list incase anyone of those 50 who have recived their student tickets wish to cancel. For Technoport 2015 we will offer a free conference ticket to the 50 most qualified students based on a short applications text. However there will be a NOK 1500,- charge for a no-show without advance notification. Technoport 2014 is still described as one of the most inspiring and relevant arenas in Norway's tech capital for exploring innovation to meet global challenges! This spring we will ramp it up with top-notch speakers sharing bright ideas and trends within entrepreneurship and innovation. We will even challenge YOU to explore new tools for idea sharing and problem solving! Are you ready to join the crowd of challengers? Technoport 2015 will be held in Trondheim on the 18th to 19th of March 2015. Applications will be considered continuously. You snooze, you lose...

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