Live Performance Techniques with Zesknel

Zesknel, who is set to perform at the festival, will share his valuable expertise on live performance techniques. He will offer insights and firsthand experience related to various tools, encompassing both software and hardware, that are applicable in live performances, as well as some useful tips and tricks. 
'This workshop will be focused on my live performances, the techniques I've been using for the past couple of years and improvisation as a concept and practice.
The techniques I will be sharing are mainly concerned with my hardware synth/drum machines, pedals, analog mixers and the way I use them for getting a certain attitude out of my machines. Also, a couple of software synths which have been inspirational lately and a very computer based technique for arranging music I have been into for the past months. 
Improvisational approach is a route I have taken from almost the very start of music making, but have not named it as such until recently. This way of constructing live or recorded music is an active way of listening to oneself and the surroundings one might find themselves in. I try to "practice" on my instruments as much as I can and then perform without any roadmap or guide as to what it might sound like beforehand. 
Participants are encouraged to take active part so that we can have a dialogue and find new ways of thinking about music performances, using tools at our disposal for making the type of sounds we want and improvisation in general. Any technical questions are also welcome and I will try to answer them as thoroughly as possible.'

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